Tailored Fit

Here at Viyella, we understand that a sharp look should never be achieved at the expense of comfort. We believe that class and comfort should happily co-exist when it comes to the making of men’s formal tailored fit shirts so that every man can achieve his dream look and fit this season.

Although times and circumstances may change, our mission at Viyella is to protect what makes us timeless and unique: our production method that spins the finest yarn for our men’s tailored fit shirts. Looking good and feeling good come hand in hand. And when you feel good, you exude confidence effortlessly.

With a yarn silk to the touch yet light in weight, Viyella’s men’s tailored fit formal shirts, made from the most durable of materials, can withstand years of occasion wear. It’s all in our commitment to fabric development, dating back to 1784.

Each piece in our men’s tailored fit formal shirt collection is expertly designed to embrace individuality in men’s fashion while maintaining the highest standards of comfort. From refined handkerchiefs to exquisite men’s tailored fit shirts, we offer a diverse clothing and accessory range to suit every man’s taste and every occasion.

When you shop for men’s tailored fit shirts with Viyella, you can rest assured that your garment has been crafted with a legacy of passion, precision, and the finest fibres.